In Thursday’s meeting between Malmö Redhawks and Brynäs IF in SHL, the scoops made the longest straw after a very even match.
In honesty, the home team never came up to standard, but after a strong end of the match, a long-awaited victory could take place. The return meeting in Gävle can be significantly more difficult if the skates are to continue in the same way.
The feeling is that both teams lack that real tip right now. That’s why it’s not surprising that Thursday’s meeting became quite straightforward. Now there is nothing that speaks that this meeting will be different in its character.

Games in the target market
Neither Brynäs IF nor Malmö Redhawks has any further offensive form, which means that naturally there will be no more victories either. Brynäs IF is strengthened in front of this meeting, since the back Lucas Carlsson is back after his shutdown. Awaited.
Guests have already had a few heavy players gone. Cristopher Nihlstorp, Erik Andersson and Nichlas Hardt were not included in Thursday’s meeting either. In addition, Niklas Arell is injured and will not follow up to Gävle.
None of the teams speak purposefully and we have ours to see how this would be a goal party.

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