Eagles are currently similar to NFL’s best team and have dominated their opponents lately. Even though Seahawks has a strong home ground, their significant damage should be too much to win against a very complete Eagles team.

It speaks for the game:
Eagles is 10-1 and is similar to NFL’s best team right now.
Eagles has a point difference of +160, superbly the best in the league. The last 3 matches are all won by 28 points.
Seahawks have suffered the maximum of damage where more important starters are hit!
Seattle’s run-in attacks have been almost non existent and could be a major problem against a strong Eagles D-line (see notes).
Conversely, Eagles has one of the league’s best races with 147 running yards per game (2nd).

Keep an eye on:
The home ground is still very important for Seahawks, and they have the back to the wall here, so the audience will probably be on fire.
Seahawks held last 49s to 280 total yards despite their injuries.
Seattles QB Russell Wilson has had another cannon season and plays historically good football in December month (* 1).
It can be argued that Eagles has had a slightly easy schedule, especially lately, so maybe they look better than they actually are.

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