In “The Big Apple” “we will start the action-packed NHL night with a confrontation between the New Jersey Devils and Nashville Predators, two quite different teams in terms of gameplay and morale from the moment Predators, the Predators being one of the most impressive teams in the league in these two chapters.
Predators are going through a very good game and I really do not expect the Devils to stop them at the moment. Surely the Nashville team will be looking for a victory to make a comeback for home defeat in the last game and if they play at full capacity as expected, then the New Jersey team should not have a chance .
The Devils failed to keep that high level of play, which threw them in the middle of the season in the fight for the playoffs. The difference in value and level of play between them and Nashville is big enough at the moment, so I do not expect them to have any chance, considering that it is an important match for the goals of this season those of the Predators, the better team, after all.
Forecast: Nashville Predators wins the game

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