he Anaheim Ducks will try to continue their good series of last-minute victories in Canada on the ice of the Ottawa Senators, about which we can not say the same thing, the host band being in a slightly more negative , in terms of the form of play.
Anaheim have confirmed their good play lately, when they defeated the Boston Bruins 3-1 in the last match. Ducks really can not afford the wrong moves right now because each victory is important to them in the fight for the playoffs. This duel with the Senators is a relatively easy one for them, so I expect to treat it seriously because it is a victory that they really can not miss.
The Ottawa team does not necessarily do so well, unfortunately for them. They lost the last 6 matches played in the NHL, and many of these defeats came against some weaker teams in terms of value, compared to Ducks. So, we should see a fairly good victory for the guests, in my opinion, in this game.
Prognostic: Anaheim Ducks wins the game

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