ACS Poli Timisoara
He is on the 9th place after 23 rounds with 26 points, will play in the play-out, is at a distance of 9 points from the 6th place occupied by Viitorul Constanta.
He has a series of eight consecutive official games in which he did not know the taste of the victory, also in the first game of 2018 was defeated by Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe by 1-0.
After this final defeat, coach Iount Popa was replaced by Leo Grozavu.
Tiganasu injured and Draghici suspended will not evolve for the hosts in this game, while Canu, Oprea Harut, Munteanu are uncertain.
The probable team: Curiac – Straut, Khubutia, Melinte, Seroni – Artean, Vasvari
Ciucur, Enescu, Barnoi – Velcota.

CS Voluntari
It is a place lower than its opponent in this game, it has 25 points after 23 games.
He was defeated in the first official match in 2018 on his own field by Poli Iasi by 4-0.
He has three defeats in the last four stages, and now he is just 7 points away from the dam.
He transferred Laurentiu Horj from Viitorul at the last minute, as well as a contender, Congolese Dominique Malonga.
Tudorie is the only player unavailable in the guest camp.
The probable team: Petrariu – Pleasca, I. Balaur, C. Achim, Bucurica –
Rauta, Novac – Parcalabu, L. Marinescu, Ivanovici – Ad. Balan.

Direct meetings
Eight times the two teams met in the past two years.
CS Voluntari has 5 wins, while ACS Poli Timisoara has been imposed 3 times.

My tip for ACS Poli Timisoara vs CS Voluntari
Even if Poli Timisoara evolves on its own field, the team goes through difficult moments.
CS Volunteers despite losing the first match in 2018, remains a pretty good team in League 1 Betano, and this winter it was strengthened by very good players, Bucurica, Pleasca, Achim, Larie.
The home team has changed their lead this week, and Leo Grozavu will be difficult to change the Transylvanian game quickly.
I’m counting on the homogeneity and the very good defensive organization of the Ilfovists, Claudiu Niculescu has shown that he is a very good coach who motivates his pupils exemplary.

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