Augsburg vs Hannover Betting Tips

Will that be the turnaround for Hannover? After many setbacks and four defeats in a row, Hannover is on the verge of direct relegation. Augsburg, meanwhile, scored twice against big names (0: 0 in Leipzig), against Dortmund even won (2: 1). The shape barometer shows clearly in the direction of the tree elf. But all this does not help if these good performances against the 96 are not continued. A defeat and VfB Stuttgart could equal on points again.

Football Betting Tips Augsburg vs Hannover

Augsburg could take a big step against Hannover and the prediction is allowed that the hosts with a threesome this season should not come in contact with a direct relegation zone. The lead over Hanover is already eight points. So it’s a classic six-point game, in which applies for both teams: Lose forbidden! This constellation makes Augsburg Vs. Hannover the odds for a tip on the guests all the more interesting. On Saturday afternoon at 15:30 clock the kick-off for the game takes place in the WWK Arena.

Augsburg – Statistics & Current Form

After twelfth place in the previous year, everything looked as if the Fugger city will have nothing to do with the descent this season. Too constant were the achievements in 2017/18. Also, the start of this year’s season went properly. After the sixth matchday and a win against Freiburg, Bayern were happy about the eighth place in the table. Everything was right. But from there on it went steeply downhill. It began an unstoppable descent. Since the 17th match Augsburg is now in 15th place and thus only one place above the relegation place. The advantage over VfB Stuttgart is three points. The lead is anything but comfortable. The fact that the Fugger city are even over the line, is due to two reasons. On the one hand, the competition on the 16th to 18th places was a big hit and on the other hand Augsburg last brought four very important points against Leipzig and Dortmund. Without these, the tree-elf would be ranked 16th. In front of these two strong performances Augsburg could win in the previous 14 games only against Mainz in early February. Otherwise, there were only three draws and ten defeats. In addition to the win against Mainz, there was another success, as the FCA prevailed in the knockout stages of the DFB Cup 1-0 at second division Holstein Kiel.

“It’s not so easy to get from zero to one hundred. We have to be careful because we still have many important games. Jeff needs more training and more time after his long break than Ji, who was only five or six days out. ” – Manuel Baum wants to build up his returnees carefully.

The injury situation in Augsburg was still very tense before the game against Leipzig. There seems to be a little hope. Exactly weigh Manuel Baum, as he deals with striker Finnbogason. On the one hand, Augsburg might need him well against Hannover, on the other hand, should not be risked that the injury-prone striker suffered a setback and fails again. Whether it’s enough for 90 minutes after his calf injury and over a month’s break, is questionable anyway. A use as a wild card could therefore be eligible.

Expected formation of Augsburg:
Kobel – Schmid, Danso, Khedira, Max – Baier – Koo, Gregory – Hahn, Ji – Cordova

Last matches from Augsburg:

⚽ 09.03.2019 – RB Leipzig vs. Augsburg 0: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 01.03.2019 – Augsburg vs. Dortmund 2: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Freiburg vs. Augsburg 5: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 15.02.2019 – Augsburg vs Bayern 2: 3 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 10.02.2019 – Werder Bremen vs. Augsburg 4: 0 (Bundesliga)

Hannover – Statistics & Current Form

What has been reported about Augsburg can be one-to-one transferred to Hanover. Were the Lower Saxony after the first match still in tenth place, they were passed continuously. Since the 13th Matchday is now trained by Thomas Doll team on a direct relegation zone. Hannover plays the worst Bundesliga season in club history. Hannover has not won since 23 away games. Hannover has not gotten the curve under his new coach Thomas Doll. Under his direction, there were five defeats in six games, but at least also a sign of life with the home win over bottom light Nuremberg. There is hope that at least the will was last seen in the home game against Leverkusen. A point win would have been well deserved. Only the last minute goal of Kai Havertz brought the Hanoverians for a deserved point win.

“It’s been a jerk by the team. We drive confidently to Augsburg and want to hit everything. This game is hugely important and the boys are aware of the importance. ” – Thomas Doll before the match against Augsburg

Hannover has to take at least one counter on Saturday to at least have a small chance of relegation rank 16. This is still occupied by VfB Stuttgart, who has five points (19) more than Hannover (14). At Augsburg against Hannover, a prognosis in favor of the guests would be quite daring. But also Horst Heldt emphasized again during the week that giving up for the club and also for him personally was not an option. As long as nothing is decided, it will fight until the end. Whether this is only persistence slogans or actually a challenge, will probably show up on Saturday at 17:22 clock.

Expected formation of Hannover:
Esser – Sorg, Anton, Wimmer, Albornoz – Walace, Schwegler – Bakalorz – Maina, Haraguchi – Jonathas

Last matches from Hannover:

⚽ 10.03.2019 – Hannover vs Leverkusen 2: 3 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 03.03.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs Hannover 5: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 24.02.2019 – Hannover vs Frankfurt 0: 3 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 16.02.2019 – TSG Hoffenheim vs. Hannover 3: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽ 09.02.2019 – Hannover vs. Nuremberg 2: 0 (Bundesliga)

Augsburg vs Hannover Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

There have been 13 direct duels between Augsburg and Hannover so far. Four times the Fuggerstädter celebrated a success. Six times the Hanoverians left the course as the winner. Three times we parted with a draw. The comparison speaks thus easily for today’s guests, although the initial situation at the present time seems to be a different one. The first leg in Hanover was won by Augsburg 2-1. In a balanced game, the tree-elf was the slightly happier team.

Augsburg vs Hannover Betting Tips Analysed

The spectators expect a true relegation battle on Saturday. Both teams have exhausted everything that was possible this season. Only the tree elf was able to reward himself a little bit. The appearances against Leipzig and Dortmund give hope. But Hannover also sent a sign of life, as the Champions League aspirant Leverkusen was just before a point loss. Of course, the naked numbers speak a clear language. Hannover’s away balance is truly scary. The last success on alien green dates from the year 2017. On October 21, 2017 96 96 celebrated a 2: 1 success wittingly at today’s opponents in Augsburg. It is therefore not easy to place the right tip in the duel between Augsburg and Hannover. However, a bet on Hannover in the Asian Handicap +1 does not seem to be out of place. A odds of about 1.6 for a home win in a duel between two relegation candidates appears already deeply. In addition, we would lose this tip only in a high victory of the Augsburg.

Key Facts – Augsburg vs Hannover tips

Losing Hannover, they are as good as relegated.
The last away win celebrated Hannover 2017 in Augsburg.
Both teams have ranked for over ten matchdays or just over a relegation zone.

It is also clear that Hannover is as good as relegated in the event of a defeat. This must be motivation enough to give full throttle over 90 minutes to take at least one point. We think that in this duel Augsburg will not win 2: 0 or higher. Thus, a “cashback” would ever be as good as secured. For this reason, we try to use the odds of up to 1.84 on Hanover in the Asian Handicap +1 in the duel between Augsburg and Hannover.

Betting Tips: Hannover AHC (+1.00)
Odds: 1.84

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