Betting odds – Will an ATP or WTA tournament start until July 1, 2020?

Betting odds - Will an ATP or WTA tournament start until July 1, 2020?

Betting odds – Will an ATP or WTA tournament start until July 1, 2020?

The official “white sport” competition season usually starts in January of each year with tournaments through Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Australia or New Zealand and ends sometime in November with the finals of the countries – Davis Cup at ATP and Fed Cup respectively the WTA.

About ten days ago, ATP & WTA representatives issued a statement informing everyone that no competition, be it the ranks or the Challenger Tour or ITF Futures, will be resumed earlier than JUNE 07. 2020, obviously due the COVID-19 virus.

FedEx ATP Rankings and WTA Rankings (official rankings) will remain “frozen.” Basically, those who had points in the tournament postponed or canceled as the case may not lose those points until a new edition hosted by the respective competition.

The Miami Open, the important hard outdoor tournament that should have taken place exactly during this period (24.03 – 05.04) has been officially canceled and rescheduled.

As we well know and announced in a previous article, even Roland Garros (the most important slag tournament) was postponed (with a scandal) for the fall of this year (for now, we do not know what will be exactly, for sure the competition calendar will be over-crowded).
Officials dealing with the historic Wimbledon grass tournament have announced that they are “monitoring the situation”, but honestly there are rumors of tennis already saying that the London Grand Slam tournament will also be rescheduled for August.
Considering that tennis players are practically their own employees and live from the prizes of the tournaments, the question becomes more and more powerful: “What will the tennis players from middle to low level who could not live? collect the millions of dollars from the first hundred of the world ?! ”

No tournament can resume until the vast majority of flights from all countries, to all countries, are unlocked. In other words, the situation with this COVID-19 must be under control throughout Europe, because tennis players can only move from the many countries they belong to.
Physical training is extremely important for a tennis player and I think everyone needs at least a month (if not even two) of normal training with side coaches, sparring partners and all the cut to put on feet and not risk unnecessary injuries (surely many of them will come back with some extra pounds after this forced break).
COVID-19 has not reached the “peak” yet. It is expected that only mid-April will reach the maximum points and only from there is expected some regression of the coronavirus. The situation is complicated and nobody can guarantee anything right now!

Will an ATP or WTA tournament start until July 1, 2020?
NO, from the data I’ve managed to gather so far, there are small chances!
Odds: 2.65


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