Bielefeld vs St. Pauli Betting Tips Betting Tips

Bielefeld vs St. Pauli Today’s Betting Tips

If Bielefeld is going to fight for the climb, I don’t know it will be very complicated because this year we have about 5 teams that may well rise but I put Bielefeld at the top after those teams and for simple reasons , last year the team started very poorly and had to make changes and ended the season playing at a great level, of course the pressure to succeed was not much but the team showed capable of making great games, very good offense, became a team that created goal throws without any major problems and in the pre-season the team continued to show good indications, that is, a much stronger Bielefeld is expected this year and perhaps they will be able to surprise in this Bundesliga 2 campaign.

St. Pauli was the reverse of Bielefeld, at the beginning of last year’s league St. Pauli always managed to stay in the top spot but then when the pressure started to rise the results started to go down and the season ended in a bad record and it seems that this also lasted for this pre-season, It is true that they won a few games but were against weak opponents and from everything I have read on St. Pauli fans twitter there is little hope for this Hamburg team.

Bielefeld vs St. Pauli Our Best Betting Tips Explained

I hope here a continuation of Bielefeld’s good work as the season ended last year and a pre-season that raised hopes for their fans, the team plays very offensive football and it looks like it benefits the squad they have and the coach knows it, the St. Pauli data for this season are not looking good, had a poor preseason and showed defensive lapses, that’s why Bielefeld’s victory seems to me to be the best bet of this match.

Bet Tips: Bielefeld
Odds: 2.00

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