Now it’s time for Brynäs and Luleå to meet for the second time in just a couple of days. Both teams got a rest day after Thursday’s meeting in Norrland, but now it hits again.
Before the second match, there is no doubt that Brynäs has the positive feeling. After 6-1 up in Luleå there is every reason to go into the ice with plenty of confidence and big smiles. On the other hand, it is a new match and largely new conditions.
The second game in this type of back-to-back meeting is not rarely affected quite properly by the first match. Given that Luleå released some incredible six puckers at home, we assume that the team goes to Gävle with a little different strategy. It primarily teaches to put an end to the home team’s progress so as not to risk a new jawmill.

Brynäs has woken up to life
After a hard start of this season, we have seen a Brynäs who has so long been awakened. However, the team is not up to the level we know they can hold, but the past few weeks has been a good case forwards.
If we look at the statistics, we’ve won six wins on their seven latest SHL matches. A large part of the explanation lies in the defense game. On the team’s last five league matches, they have only released a total of five goals. It goes without saying that it’s much easier to win then.
Luleå is virtually impossible to place form and game. It looked very good before the meeting with Brynäs; then the team had three wins, one of which was a heavy throw away against Växjö Lakers. After 1-6 in the ass, it is harder to know where we have Luleå, but at least we expect the defensive to come into focus here.
After the goal-related discharge, we are awaiting a counter-reaction.

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