Caen VS Toulouse Soccer Prediction

Caen VS Toulouse Soccer Prediction

Toulouse will visit Caen’s headquarters in Ligue 1 midweek this week. This match will be an opportunity for Toulouse to know the relegation zone.

The match between Caen counter Toulouse is a closing match in the 34th week of Ligue 1 this season. This means that all matches except this match have been guaranteed which will make the final result of this match affect the change of position on the board of the standings.

For Toulouse, this will be a great opportunity to leave the relegation zone and improve their position in the standings. Currently they are ranked 17th class while with a collection of 33 points and only 4 points ahead of the relegation zone. If able to win, in addition to the distance with the degradation zone widened to 7 points, the position of Toulouse will also rise to the rank of 15 which is occupied by Caen who was not not their opponent this time.

If you look at the results obtained by both teams in their last match then Toulouse deserves to be more favored to win this fight. Toulouse won a successful victory over Anger at the end of last week with a score of 2-0. Although this is their first victory in the last 9 games but the positive result will help to add to the confidence of Toulouse in the face of intense competition at the end of this season.

Meanwhile, Caen is only able to play a draw counter Metz which is a team of basic occupants while the class with a score of 1-1. These results are the best results they can achieve in the last 6 games in all competitions. (Hyr)


Prediction today: TOULOUSE

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