CFR Cluj vs FC Astana Betting Tips & Predictions 17/07/2019

CFR Cluj vs FC Astana Betting Tips & Predictions

CFR Cluj vs FC Astana Football Betting Tips

The Return of Qualifying Qualifiers in the Champions League continues on Wednesday, giving the European public a considerable number of parties. The most important game for the Romanian blows is between CFR Cluj and FC Astana, on the stadium Dr Constantin Rădulescu from Ardeal, where the Cluj hopes to have a lot of victories against the Kazakhs.

CFR Cluj: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

CFR Cluj, Romania’s champion for the second consecutive year, is on the brink of leaving the European competitions from the first preliminary round of the UCL, a thing that was not pleasant for the Romanian breath that had big claims from Dan Petrescu’s team. After dominating at least the level of experience and quality of the domestic championship, the Clujs do not face an opponent that is not of such a size in UCL, a formation that could be overcome with more concentration in the field. The game of the tour went further at the gate of the Transylvanians who suffered quite a lot from this point of view, but they missed very much towards the end of the game, resulting in a tie in the ice at least twice. After the defeat in Kazakhstan, CFR Cluj was also confused in the first leg of the League 1, score 1-1 in front of Poli Iasi, a game that at first sight ignored him in favor of this qualification, but the state of mind is not at all the more appropriate for the peaceful preparation of the game against the Kazakhs.

FC Astana: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

FC Astana comes to Ardeal as a favorite team to qualify, but is still seen as an outsider in winning the game, being a very valuable formation so that he can not be defeated by the team that represents us in the league of the stars. From the Astana game, tonight’s guests went out with the best result, 1-0 in their favor, putting just what to start with the first chance, but more than that, not to receive a goal is a thing very important, what will be decisive in Cluj if the champion of Kazakhstan will be able to score. Although the number of occasions was not far from CFR Cluj, FC Astana was much better placed by the Romanian team, having a much better possession and a more stable stability at the level of the lawn, being also one thing that helped the good performance of the Kazakhs. The arrival of Dorin Rotariu came as a plus for Astana who introduced him from the first minute, and ending with him.

CFR Cluj vs FC Astana Football Betting Tips and Predictions

This evening’s duel in Cluj will be nothing or nothing for Deac & Co who declared at the press conference after the Poli Iasi match that they are ready to score at least two goals in the Kazai gate, and the outcome will be quite different after the 180 total minutes. We will see what attitude Dan Petrescu’s boys will have and if the kazacies will lack the synthetic turf, but the quality and the experience can not replace them. That’s why I will still bet on the Kazakh team tonight, who does not think he can lose the qualifiers, nor will he defeat Ardeal if the game will show at least in the game in Kazakhstan.

Betting Prediction: The guests score
Odds: 1.53

Betting Tips: X2
Odds: 1.85


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