Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics – The new NBA season begins with a “reprise” of last year’s finals of the East where Cavaliers and Celtics met. Then they were better Cavs and celebrated with 4: 1 (afterwards they were defeated by Warriors in the final), and these two teams were “touched” in the big trade during the summer, when they replaced several very important players.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Cavs kicked out Celtic in last season’s play, but did not defend the championship title. During the summer they were very active, and as a thunderbolt from the sky, the news echoed that Irving wanted to play a substitute. Even more unexpectedly, Cavsi’s trading partners found exactly in Boston, so Irving was sent to Celtic in exchange for Thomas, Crowder and Zizic. However, Thomas has been injured and will not be on the pitch by January, which Cavs has been forced to bring veteran Rose, as well as Greene and Calderon. Like a cake on a cake, they signed a deal with former teammate James from Miami, Wade, so Cavsi will have a really strong five and one of the strongest bench in the league.
Before the start of the season, they sent veteran Jefferson to Atlanta, then fired Perkins Center, and experienced Jones retreated. In the pre-season, they won only one of five matches, while the best player James struck with injuries and probably missed the first match of his team. On the bench are great shooters – Smith, Korver, Frye, Shumpert … and Coach Lue will try to make the five with Love at the center, but only if James is ready to play.
The likely initial composition of Cavs: Rose, Wade, Crowder, James (Love), Love (Thompson)

Boston Celtics
Many in Boston were shocked when the Celtics decided to give up Thomas’ best player and send him to Cleveland. He is also extremely angry at the club’s leaders, but he understands the cruelty of the NBA. Boston had a really great team, but during the summer they did a great reconstruction and entered the new season with most new players (only four are native players). Thomas’s role will be taken over by Irving, who will be the real leader on parquet. There is no other Bradley beast, as well as Crowder, Greene, Johnson, Olynick, Zeller, Jerebka …
Now there are new faces of which much is expected. First of all, we are thinking of young Tatum, the third draft from the draft, which could be one of the players on which the future of the team will be based. They did a great deal by signing a deal with Hayward, last season to the best player Utah, and from Pistons, they got high and strong Morris and Baynes, who, as things stand, help Horford under the basket.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics Tip
Unlike Cavs, Boston ended the pre-season as the best in the East, with a maximum of four victories. Cavs enter the match without Thomas and James (probably), while Boston needs time to play the team in the right way, since preseason is not relevant to seeing the right team capabilities. Because of all this, a tough match is expected and maybe a slightly slower rhythm, which is why we are tipping some points.

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