Coach who “discovered” Ronaldo: I predicted he would surpass Figo and Eusebia

Coach who

Coach who “discovered” Ronaldo: I predicted he would surpass Figo and Eusebia

Romanian coach Laszlo Bölöni, who provided Cristiano Ronaldo’s “discovery” at Sporting and joined him in the youth squad, said in a conversation with Spain’s Marco that he had already announced in Ronald’s teens that the Portuguese would outperform compatriot Luis Figo and Eusebia.

The Romanian coach, who was also a footballer himself, offered Cristiano Ronaldo the opportunity to make his debut in a member squad in a match with Inter when he sent him into the game in the 58th minute of qualifying on August 14, 2002 as 17 years, six months and nine days old Champions League matches. Ronaldo quickly came on the radar of the European giants, followed by a resounding move to Manchester United, where he quickly began to win the laurels, and full boom was experienced in Madrid Real, winning four Champions League titles.

“For me, his boom was not a surprise. I didn’t think he would be one of the best footballers in history, but I expected him to be a very good footballer in the absence of injuries,” recalled Bölöni, a minor. “At that time, I was asked about Cristian in one of the interviews, and even then I announced that he would go beyond Figo and even Eusebius. These words caused me quite a bit of trouble, since the gods are mentioned in Portugal. And to compare the young man with the gods .. Ronaldo then proved that I was not wrong, “recalled one of the anecdotes of the temporary operation in Portugal by the current coach of the Royal Antwerp of Belgium.

War with Messi

“Who’s better? I can’t be objective, Ronaldo has always been my ‘getaway’. He started with me at Sporting. Anyway, we are all fortunate to have enjoyed the performances of two ‘monuments’ over the last 10-15 years. Cruyff said it was important to be the best, but more importantly to stay on top, “Bölöni answered when asked who was better Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

Until when will he persist?

“No one can say when he will play. He has a quality we are not talking about: his mindset is the same as that of a gladiator. He is strong, but he always wants more. He is a very hardworking guy, bet on good physical predispositions, he is technically “If he’s not injured, I think he can play for a few more years,” added Bölöni, the coach who discovered Ronald and offered him a chance at Sporting in 2002.


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