Coronavirus positive players: what happens

Coronavirus positive players: what happens

Coronavirus positive players: what happens

What happens in the event of a positive player at the restart of the championship? The model to be taken as a reference could be Germany

In Germany, the Bundesliga is ready to start again, or at least that is what is reported in the media a few hours after Angel Merkel’s announcement on the real possibility that the championship will resume. According to the Reuters agency, German football could even resume before June, on the weekend of 15 and 17 May. The Bundesliga has stopped since March 13 but the teams, first in Europe, have been able to resume training as early as April 6 even if not yet in a group. If the date of mid-May seems objectively optimistic and the recovery in June credible, the big question remains that grips the federations and which is the real knot to be resolved for a collective restart: what happens in the case of players who are positive for Coronavirus?

What happens in case of Coronavirus positives

It is the question that everyone asks because not only the possibility of resuming play depends on his answer, but the even more important one of continuing to play and not being forced to suspend the championships again, this time in definitive form decreeing the end of the 2019-20 season. We follow the case of Germany to understand what could happen. Initially 1724 tests were carried out among 36 companies which resulted in 10 positive results (three in the Cologne, two players and a physiotherapist, a player from Dinamo Dresden and six other people whose identity was not disclosed). This first part of the test is part of a strategy that foresees another which has as its priority objective to confirm or deny the real positivity of the first swabs, given that the hypothesis of a false negative is always possible. In the coming weeks, i.e. those in which football will resume, two checks are scheduled every seven days at regular intervals. At this point the problem is to understand what happens if a positivity is confirmed by the double test. In Germany, current legislation requires that anyone who comes into contact with a positive case must remain in isolation for fourteen days, as is also the case in Italy.

The Bundesliga protocol instead provides that only the positive is isolated, while the rest of the team can continue the activity regularly by continuing to undergo tests. This would allow the season to continue, but the variable of the players’ willingness to play in conditions that according to many are not considered safe remains to be assessed.

The other unknown is linked to the consequences on the physique of the players who have had the Coronavirus, still not entirely clear and requiring in-depth analysis. They are successive elements. Currently, the most probable hypothesis is that in the event that new cases of positivity are detected, the subjects involved will be isolated and the other components of the rose screened (swabs, blood tests) without interrupting the activities. It is possible that if football in Germany should start again shortly, the other countries in which the recovery is assessed such as Italy will remain interested spectators in the first phase to understand if the German model can be replicated with the aim not only of start again but to be able to guarantee the end of the season. The desirable hypothesis is that a univocal protocol is codified and used throughout Europe, perhaps under the supervision of UEFA.


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