Dundee United VS Queen of South

Dundee United VS Queen of South Soccer Prediction

Dundee United’s performance was very exciting this season, they have picked up 13 wins, 5 draws and lost 7 defeats in the last 25 matches, they are now 3rd in the standings with 44 points, and they are also very good at home picking up 8 wins from 12 home games, the result of the cage can be 2nd position this season.

While the Queen of South is only a regular performer this season, they have only 10 wins, 8 draws and 10 defeats, their performance is less stable as well, they have suffered 5 defeats from 14 away games, the win rate on the road has only reached 43 % only.

Handicap Analysis: [0.97 0.5 0.85]

According to statistics head to head, Dundee United have picked 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss to 9 matches, they even picked 2 wins in the last two matches, so the morale is very high. If you look at the conditions and performances of both teams lately, Dundee United got 2 draws in this period, until the record that was defeated 3 times the streak is terminated; while the Queen of South suffered 2 straight defeats during this period, so Dundee United may be superior in recent times. Bookmaker give 0.5 handicap with 0.97 odds for this match, this handicap matches the strength of both teams, so this fight Dundee United might win.

Prediction Today: 2-1. 3-1

Asian handicap: Dundee United
Odds: 0.97

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