EA Guingamp vs Amiens SC Betting Prediction

Today’s Football Prediction EA Guingamp vs Amiens SC

This is the game of misclassified between En Avant Guingamp, red lantern, and Amiens, 19th, which will take place at the Roudourou stadium this Saturday at 8 pm … The audience of Roudourou is still waiting for a victory of his protégés to home that did better than 3 draws against Montpellier (1-1), Strasbourg (1-1) and Nice (0-0). The EAG thought to hold the draw in Dijon to 11 against 10 on Wednesday night but was surprised by a goal from Haddadi in the 86th minute of play. The bad luck continues the group of Jocelyn Gourvennec but could end this week -end facing Amiens. The ASC fell one place in the standings following a third-off-line performance after a failure in Monaco (0-2) on Tuesday night following a doubling of Falcao on penalties. This is the third defeat of the rank of Christophe Pélissier’s protégés after Marseille (1-3) and an unsuccessful trip to Nîmes (3-0). The club Picard could take big in case of defeat in Brittany against the red lantern of the championship.

Key points of the prediction EA Guingamp vs Amiens SC

Guingamp stays on 2 draws against Amiens at the Roudourou stadium.

Amiens is on a current losing streak of 3 ranks.

The record of Amiens away in Ligue 1 is catastrophic with 6 defeats in 8 trips.

The EAG is 3 draws and 4 defeats in Ligue 1 at home.

First victory at Roudourou for the proteges of Jocelyn Gourvennec?

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The forward Guingamp has no choice but to record a victory that would maintain any hope of maintenance.

Prediction Today: EA Guingamp wins
Odds: 2.05

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