Finland VS Malta Betting Prediction

Finland VS Malta Soccer Prediction for Today

Finland is currently ranked 68th in the world, this team has a good condition, they have been invincible even picking 4 wins from the last 7 games, the appearance of the International Friendly match is also satisfactory.

While the strength of Malta is not superior, they can only be positioned to 185 in the world, this team only picked 1 victory, 1 draw and suffered 8 defeats in the last 10 games, let alone they also appear ugly on International Friendly, this team has swallowed 2 consecutive defeat at this time, until now they still have no goals entered.

Anallsis Handicap:

According to the results head to head yesterday, Finland beat Malta with a 2-1 result in the match yesterday, so players Finland may be more confident. If you look from the performance of both teams lately, Finland has not defeated even picked 4 wins from the last 7 games, while Malta has suffered 3 successive defeats at this time, let alone the strength and ratings of both teams are much different, so Finland must be superior in this fight . Bookmaker give handicap 1.12 7.75 17.01, this handicap Convert to asia handicap is 3, look bookmaker support the cage team spirit, so this game of Finland can definitely win.

Prediction Today 3-0,4-0

Asia handicap: Finland

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