Fuchse Berlin – THW Kiel Preview and Predictions (21.10.2017)


Fuchse Berlin – THW Kiel – This is still the handball championship of the Bundesliga, although the teams have little role to play and after a few years in which Kiel has always been more successful than the Fuchse team, the situation is different now and the Berlin team has six points more on the table , with the fact that the “Zebra” came out of the Cup and the “Foxes” were in the quarterfinals. Kiel plays for the Champions League and is struggling hard, while Fuchse still has no European obligations. Last season Kiel beat Fuchse both times without any particular uncertainty.

Fuchse Berlin
Fuchs have a very good season for now and have lost only one match, just in the last round on Hannover’s visit, which is one of the most ambitious surprises. For Fuchs, the schedule has been quite crowded lately because they played in the club world championship so they had some lagging behind in the championship and all had to make up for it. This duel in Hanover was the fourth in just ten days and probably fatigue had done their own.
They lost 30 to 27, having already had eight wins, the most valuable of them being the guest at Magdeburg. Other matches played mostly against the weaker rivals, while on Wednesday in the eighth finals they scored another worthy triumph, against Flensburg at 29:26. They lost two wins ten minutes before the end and then all turned to big wins. The first name of this team is the middle-aged Nenadić, and he is almost the most effective on the day, but there are several more brilliant players, with the right-back Kopljar ​​injured.
Trusted initial composition of Fuchse Berlin: Heinevetter, Elisson, Fath, Nenadic, Wiede, Lindberg, Schmidt

THW Kiel
It was as if there was no end to the big Kiel stakes and a new hard hit came on Wednesday, when this team was eliminated from the Cup in the eighth finals and they were the title defenders. Hannover defeated them, a team that has made great problems this season and has already mastered them in the championship on the domestic pitch. This time it was played in Hanover and the result was 24:22, but the way they lost was particularly painful.
He started with Hannover 8: 0 and over ten minutes the “Zebra” were naked, but they were able to return to the match and five minutes before the end they had the lead, so they would end up again without reaching the goal. Nearly half of Kiel’s goals have reached wings, and how ineffective are the Champions League duel against Flensburg, which ended with 20:20. In that duel they had five goals and a last assault on the triumph, which did not take the right wing Ekberg. They are certainly shaken after the Cup, but they are also in bad shape.
Probably the starting lineup of Kiel: Wolff, Dahmke, Dissinger, Nilsson, Vujin, Ekberg, Wiencek

Fuchse Berlin – THW Kiel TIP
Fuchs experienced the first defeat in the previous round, but they quickly recovered and won the Cup and were again in a good mood. Kiel is still a pretty good one and can not beat any of the strong opponents, so there is nothing left to predict a new defeat.


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