Heung-min Son does military service in South Korea

Heung-min Son does military service in South Korea

Heung-min Son does military service in South Korea

The overwhelming majority of professional football players are in social isolation in their homes these days performing specific training in order to maintain acceptable physical indexes, but striker Son from Tottenham traveled to his home country where he will soon perform exercises military.


Doing military service is mandatory in South Korea, however, Heung-min Son got rid of that obligation in 2018 when he helped his country’s team win the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

Still, the player has now decided to travel to his home country and take advantage of this competitive break to complete at least three weeks of military training where he will be subjected to really demanding exercises that will certainly keep him in good shape.

According to the Reuters agency, the player will have to walk 30 kilometers with 40 kilograms of weight on his back, deal with fire drills and also withstand chemical training in tear gas chambers. In short, Son must leave this three-week period knowing how to fire a gun, breathe in half the gases and still be able to participate in a battle.


But first of all, the South Korean striker will complete a quarantine period in his country for having arrived from a foreign country, and that period must end on 20 April. Thus, and taking into account the three-week training period, Heung-min Son should be completing this stage of his life at the end of the second week of May, probably giving him time to join his Tottenham colleagues. in useful time.

For the moment, the situation in England is not easy and it is difficult to think of a date for returning to the competition, and this could even allow the South Korean player to complete an important stage in the life of a South Korean citizen while preparing in physical terms to help José Mourinho’s Tottenham.

The Spurs have had a very irregular season due to the successive injuries they have suffered, but this pause may even favor them as it should allow important players like Harry Kane and Heung-min Son to recover in time to contribute to the team in the
Premier League final stretch.


Given the current situation of embezzlement in the Spurs attack, José Mourinho will not be exactly anxious for the return of football in England, because the more time he passes the greater the possibility of being able to count on his two best offensive players.

Harry Kane has 11 Premier League goals while Son has won nine times. So, together, the two strikers contributed to 20 of the team’s 47 Premier League goals and it should be noted that they both played around 20 league matches.

In short, they account for about half of the North London team’s goals and José Mourinho is very dependent on his offensive skills to achieve something relevant by the end of the season.

Currently in 8th position in the English League, it will be difficult for Tottenham to claim a place in the top-4 (or five) that allows him to be in the next Champions League, however, it is important to try to at least finish in the first seven to be in European competitions. next season, even if the Europa League is not exactly the biggest enticement.

José Mourinho’s debut season at Tottenham has been a whirlwind of emotions and frustrations, but the Portuguese coach remains guarded by the fact that he has taken on a team very weakened by the injuries of his key pieces. This period of pause will have served Mourinho to reflect on what needs to change in a young and talented team, but something weak from the defensive point of view and the reinforcement of the sector further back should be one of the bets for the next season.

Tottenham has not been a very spendthrift club in the recent past and after securing Steven Bergwjin for the attack on the winter market it seems that the club should turn to reinforcing its defensive in the next transfer window in order to balance the squad for a 2020/21 season that puts them back in the top-4 of the English League and in a good exhibition level from week to week.


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