How to play poker online?

How to play poker online?

How to play poker online?

Wondering how to play internet poker?
Especially in the current period, it is good to have a few games to pass the time.
Whether you are already used to live poker with friends or are just starting out, it will be easy for you to play online.
We tell you everything in this article so that you know how to play internet poker:

How is an online poker game?

Playing online poker follows the same rules and principles as live poker, with a few differences.
If you don’t have human contact (which is a good thing right now), you also don’t have to worry:
– mixing and distributing cards (the software dealer takes care of this for you).
– counting and advancing tokens (the software displays your stack and obviously takes care of all the tokens)
If some players like to manipulate their chips (chip tricks), playing online poker saves you time and plays more hands than live.
So you will see more AA than when you play on a real table and around real people.

Online as in Live, you can play 3 types of game:

The Tournament: all players pay a registration fee of the same value (the buy-in), which allows them to start with the same starting stack.
The money collected through these registrations constitutes the “prizepool” which is distributed among the different paid places (part of the prizepool is also guaranteed). The tournament evolves at the rate of the blind levels which increase throughout the game, in general on a regular basis (every 10 minutes for example). The game ends when there is only one player left and therefore remains the most time-consuming game mode but also the one where the prizepool is the largest (buy equal).
Sit & go: this format uses the same device as the tournament but the number of players is limited to a table (for example 9 players or 6 players or 2 players called eheads-up). It is therefore easier to win (fewer people on the table) but the prize pool will be lower (with equal buy).
The Cash game: you arrive at a poker table and leave when you want. If you win, for example, € 100 the first time, you can very well leave the table with your winnings. It’s your right. In Cash game, the amount of blinds is always fixed. If the blinds are for example 1 € -2 € (1 € in small blind and 2 € in large blind), they will remain so until the end of the game.

How to play online poker: registration

To play poker online, nothing could be simpler:
– Obviously, you must be of legal age to create an account.
– You choose your poker site
– You start creating your account by filling out the form (choose your player name which will be displayed on the tables and a password, give a valid email address, etc.)
– Then, you must enter your postal address and your bank details (IBAN and BIC / SWIFT), which will allow you to withdraw any winnings.
– After sending these documents, an activation code will quickly be sent to your postal address. This code will allow you to definitively validate your account (but you can already take advantage of the online gambling hall as soon as you have completed filling out the form and downloaded the poker software.

❗️ For responsible gaming, be careful to set your limits so as to avoid spending too much in relation to your income ❗️


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