How to win at sports betting

How to win at sports betting

How to win at sports betting

On the internet there are many articles on how to win at sports betting, some are useful and provide good information and others hoping to “hang” a customer, I write to be written but worthless. I saw thousands of articles, tips, strategies and results from which I learned many, I noticed that every year in some competitions certain scenarios are repeated, such as the number of goals, surprises produced by outsiders and other characteristics. It will be a long article so I recommend you to be patient to read it all, or if you do not have time below put a list of important paragraphs and you can “jump” directly to them.

Where do I play online sports betting?

On this subject I will be as objective as possible, although each one has a certain preference that no longer takes into account the offer, quotas or bonuses, simply play at the “X” agency that you like there. What interests us in 2019 at an online bookmaker? First of all the mobile application, from the figures we have here at PB, over 70-75% of the public comes from mobile devices, and the number is increasing. It is normal to get in on your mobile, as many of us have high-performance mobile phones, and on the laptop or PC we come in when we have something serious to work with.

What to do with multiple online betting accounts

If you do not “hunt” the highest odds, promotional offers, do not make many live bets or special bets in advance then only one account is enough. Instead if you bet daily and watch all kinds of odds decreases you realize that you can’t really make a profit from sports betting with one account. We who work in the field we have 5-6 accounts that we play quite often, but you obviously do not even need to register with all agencies, if you have 2-3 accounts with money in them you are insured for any bets to follow do.

Establishes a long-term budget and stake in sports betting

Yes, yes you have heard of the “bank” in betting, the budget, you know what it is … but it is not so you do not stay away from it? Do you know how much you bet last month? But 2 months ago, but 1 year ago? How much did you put in and out? Surely if you play offline you can no longer answer these questions. So if you do not know the balance sheet of the past, where to know if you are plus or minus. See if you play online from your account you can enter History where all your activity appears: how much money you have deposited, how much money you have withdrawn, how many bets you have won, etc.

Playing online is easier to manage your budget, that’s clear. Then I was saying about the bet that you don’t have to change it from one ticket to another, that’s obviously when we talk about a long-term strategy: for example, when you play odds 2 or the match of the day you choose the 20€ stake, if you have a series of wins. the initial amount, as well as if you go through a weaker period, do not start doubling the stake to play in recovery or other desperate solutions. What do you do when you have consumed the budget allocated to betting? Don’t stop, it’s simple.

Live bets or Pre-live bets. Which are more profitable?

Live bets are those you place after a match has started, and pre-live bets are those that are placed before the start of an event. I have always been a fan of live betting because you have better odds and you can win better if you are very attentive to the game, if you know how to wait for the right time to place a bet. The first tip I can give you is to watch on TV or on the net, or through live streaming, anywhere, the match you want to bet on – don’t just take it after a statistic, often things will differ on the ground.

The most profitable types of live bets are those on goals in certain time intervals, or goals until the break or end. Look for matches with stakes, matches in which a qualification is played and wait for the right time to bet. That ideal moment is when your favorite team is led, or when the score is equal and it needs a goal – wait for the end of the game (the last 15 minutes) and bet on the goal scored because the disadvantaged band will force you to risk in turn. empty. Another type of live prognosis with high chances of success in the situation we talked about (favorite band at a disadvantage) is on the corners – the best team is attacking, so chances are good to get shots from the corner of the field.

Types of bets with high chances of winning

There is no doubt about betting on soloists, in the last 5 years they have become avoidable, there is no weekend without at least a big surprise in terms of the odds offered by bookmakers. Maybe in a whole season at 2 or 3 stages there are no surprises, which is too little to make a profit with bets on favorite teams. So try as much as you can to avoid the big clubs that everyone bets for, or if you take your betting tickets to not choose too many, I saw tickets with all the favorites from one day to several people hoping to give but the blow is very difficult not to confuse even a favorite.

Excellent battery bonus at these online agencies

I say that betting on goals has become the simplest way to win sports bets, now that not all events are indicated for these types of bets. You can easily find these good matches for goals, forget about teams that receive many goals, which have low level defenses. If those teams still score the better. If you find such a duel in which they face formations with weak defenses and grandparent attacks you can bet on “both scores” or “total goals – over 2.5” but not before checking the latest clashes – say the band with the weakest defense in the championship, he changed his coach, brought in new players, and maybe 3 games did not score anymore, then the situation changes and the bet may no longer be worth it.

Competitions to bet on outsiders

Why do you rely on outsiders? Because you have much better odds by which you can get high profits with small investments as a result of events where others would lose a lot of money on favorites. Cups from all countries reserve many surprises, whether we are talking about the Cup of Romania, the Cup of England, the Cup of France or others, this is the place where any small team of the 2nd or 3rd league can win or at least can mess up a club. valuable. The French Cup is another competition in which I like to bet against the favorites, even in 2019 the French champion was only 0-0 on the field of Villefranche, a club of the 3rd league. It is true that after the extension the Parisians qualified, but here is the chance that double 1X had a share of 8.00. Now you do not have to throw on these odds “bomb”, try something simpler for example, when the team in the second leagues play at home you can try bets on the marked goal, or European handicap (ie do not miss a difference greater than X goals ).

The gain is made from the stake, not the odds

How to make a profit from promotions from online sports betting

Another more complex way to earn a profit from this activity is the bonuses and offers. It is true that these offers are usually only valid for registration and have certain running conditions. But even so we can get some money, even without risk in certain situations. For example, if two agencies offer increased odds for over / under 2.5 goals at the same event, we register at one of them and bet on the other and under the other. In this way, regardless of the outcome of the match, we will make a profit. There are all kinds of variants to play “contra” on these promotions, all you have to do is be in the phase when something new comes up and do your calculations to get out.


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