Kiel vs St. Pauli Soccer Betting Tips

Kiel vs St. Pauli Soccer Betting Tips

Kiel is in 9th place in the second German league and is fighting for an approach to the places of climb.

The team has less game than the majority of the teams above them, so if they win this match they will go up some positions and reduce the difference to 8 points for Stuttgart, which is the closest team in the ascent zone.

Kiel at home has not been doing well because he only won 2 games out of the 9 he played as a host and comes from 3 games without winning.

This is a team that is unlikely to end the season in a downhill zone and I think what will happen in this case is to end the year in a portion between 7th and 12th place.

Kiel is not one of the good teams in the league but he is also not one of the worst and the performance at home has made him falter on the table so he is a difficult team to trust to bet on winning.

St. Pauli is a team that has more weight than Kiel in the German football scene but has been far from the big stages.

The rival team of Hamburg fights for permanence this year and despite its 13th place the truth is that the proximity of the teams at the bottom of the table does not let anyone rest.

St. Pauli has just 2 more points than two of the 3 teams in the drop zone and 5 more than the last classified so everything is possible until the end.

A bad month on the part of any team can completely compromise the stay and we will see a St. Pauli coming to Kiel’s house to try to win.

St. Pauli has been horrible and is the second worst team in the league to play as a visitor.

There are already 4 consecutive defeats by St. Pauli in the last 4 trips and even though Kiel is not being a strong team at home, I believe that St. Pauli will concede goals as they have already been 12 games in a row suffering.

Kiel at home is not consistent but he usually scores and concedes goals in virtually all of his games as a host.

There are already 12 consecutive games to score and concede goals at home by Kiel and that will be my bet for this match.

Kiel vs St. Pauli Soccer Betting Tips

Kiel is a favorite and is likely to win due to the poor performance of St. Pauli away from home, however I think he will not get rid of conceding a goal as it is the tendency.

Betting Tips: Both Teams To Score
Odds: 1.50

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