Lazio Roma vs Atalanta Bergamo Betting Predictions

Lazio Roma vs Atalanta Bergamo

Atalanta and Lazio Roma will compete for this rather unexpected final of the Italian Cup. While waiting for a final between Napoli and Juventus, both teams managed to beat the odds and qualify for the final. And for the first time in 4 years, Juventus will not be titled. It is therefore a breath of fresh air that will blow over the Stadio Olimpico Wednesday night and both teams may go for a blow to remove the trophy coveted. And Atalanta serves as a favorite in this final, given the magnificent season achieved by the players of Bergamo. Solidly positioned in the top 4 of the Italian league, Atalanta is on course to qualify for the Champions League, which would be a historic first for the club. Juventus’s quarterfinal tumble after a magnificent and totally controlled game, Atalanta is in full confidence and is raising the trophy to give even more flavor to its incredible season. But Lazio does not intend to let it go and the Roman club will be able to rely on its supporters, who should be present en masse. Quite irregular in the league, the Laziales are only 8th and could see Europe in their sofas next season. With 4 points down on 6th place, occupied by Roma, and only 2 games to play, Lazio players are in bad shape and will have to rely on a miracle to qualify through the championship. So they know that a win in cup would allow them to get the precious sesame and be European next season. But facing an opponent in great shape, nothing will be easy and the Laziales will have to hang on to not sink quickly.

Key stats for the match Lazio Roma vs Atalanta Bergamo

The Atalanta remains on 5 consecutive wins.
Atalanta has not lost in 13 games.
Lazio have lost 2 of their last 5 games.
Atalanta has the best attack of the Italian championship.
Atalanta have not lost to Lazio since 4 games.

Lazio Roma vs Atalanta Bergamo Betting Tips and Predictions Explained

This is an unprecedented poster that will take place between Atalanta and Lazio Roma for this final of the Italian Cup. The players of Bergamo are in great shape and see themselves well go win this cup to value even more their superb season. But Lazio has the answer and should offer a big opposition. In a Stadio Olimpico that should support massively Lazio, the confrontation is likely to be tough and disputed. In view of the forms, we put on a difficult victory of Atalanta.

Betting Prediction: Atalanta
Odds: 2.55

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