Macedonia vs Gibraltar UEFA Nations League

Macedonia vs Gibraltar UEFA League of Nations

It’s only a tie away in this last day that the selection of Macedonia arrives to consummate the objective of the rise of division to League of Nations C, by virtue of the 12 points amealhados, against the 9 of Armenia in the 2ยช position. In fact, it may not even be necessary to score if the Armenians do not win the trip to Liechtenstein.

So far, the Macedonians have followed a near-perfect record, four wins and one defeat, which curiously happened by fat numbers (4-0) in Armenia.

At home, Macedonia beat Armenia 2-0 and Liechtenstein 4-1, with the first leg of their first leg win in Gibraltar 2-0.

The selection of Gibraltar has surprised by the competitiveness that has managed to confer to this group 4 of League of Nations D. In five games managed to add six points, fruit of the surprising first victories in Armenia by 1-0 and then in the reception to Liechtenstein by 2- 1.

In revenge, Armenia imposed a 6-2 thrashing to Gibraltar in Gibraltar last Friday. In the first two rounds the Gibraltar side lost 2-0 to Macedonia and Liechtenstein.

Betting Tips and Predictions Analyzed Macedonia vs Gibraltar

In a match where the draw is good and where Gibraltar will only meet the schedule, since they can no longer dream of the climb and can not also descend as both teams are present in League of Nations D, regarding the last step of the competition, I think will be Macedonia to take on the costs of the game by playing at home and try to toast their fans with a good display and a better result than the draw against a team obviously lower than Gibraltar.

The truth is that the opponent has achieved some feats in recent weeks and, with nothing to force him to play all the time in the last third, I think he will try to push higher than usual here and there and give rise to a more interesting game than it would otherwise be, increasing the possibility of goals from the very first half. Bet on Macedonia vs Gibraltar betting tips provided by expert tipsters.

Betting Prediction: Over 1.5 goals HT
Odds: 1.71

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