Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils are unhappy and here I have to go against the companies. Does the home team seem to be too big favorites in advance, especially considering what it meant for the team during the season? The two-month moneyline (including extension / penalty) is 2.40 times the money, indicating a huge amount of underestimation by the companies.
Ottawa has mixed and given during the series shootout – three wins and three losses have been collected on the six initial matches. The team’s major problem is that one more often than rarely tends to stand one or more good achievements in succession, then collapse in total. A 6-0 win against Calgary Flames followed by a 6-1 win over Edmonton Oilers – it was in the luggage for the 3-0 loss at home against Vancouver Canucks last. A prime example. It was the team’s third home loss on three played home games this season, which obviously raises a lot of question marks. A goal score of 1.67 goals / match at homemais does not convince. To put it in perspective, three wins have been collected on the move, with a scary target of 4.67 goals / match. Now there is a tough challenge when a powerful New Jersey comes to visit.
New Jersey Devils has impressed greatly during the series shooting – five wins have been collected on the six initial matches, while proving a roughly strong offensive. A goalkeeper of 4.17 goals / game testifies to the team’s amazing effectiveness in front of goals. On the move, three out of three wins have been collected – in the first away match of the season, Buffalo Sabers were defeated by 6-2, after which Toronto Maple Leafs won their only loss for the season when a foul 6-3 victory was picked. Most recently, the New York Rangers missed out with 3-2, and of course, it is not possible to close the team’s progress this season. On the go, you will score 5.00 (!) Goals / match which actually says most about the form you are currently in. The guests have been underestimated somewhat in the face of the night, and I hold the team’s winning chances as much finer than the odds show. Does not look at how a home-made Ottawa will resist New Jeysey’s offensive, which is really convinced during the series shooting.
Ottawa has lost all three played home games this season
Ottawa cuts 1.67 goals / match at hemmais
New Jersey Devils have won five out of six played matches this season
New Jersey has won all three played away games this season
New Jersey crosses 4.17 goals / match, on the go, you score 5.00 goals / match

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