Randers FC – AGF Preview and Prediction (05.11.2017)


Randers has been disappointed and just won one match (against AGF only) – however, important Mads Ages returns to the show here. AGF has also disappointed and has now lost three games in a row after David Nielsen took over the board.

It is talking to Randers
Randers has been unfortunate in several ombudings. The game has sometimes been to far more than the table shows
AGF has lost all three matches with David Nielsen at the helm. The effect of the change of coach has thus not been implemented yet
Randers gets the head of state and defense manager Mads Agesen back after quitting quarantine
Randers can silence with a largely injury-free squad, where only Brandur Hendriksson can be ignored
AGF is without the regular midfielder Adama Guira, who has not become his meniscus quit
Randers has not lost to AGF in the last five mutual showdowns and we are going back to August 2015 to find the latest AGF victory

It speaks for AGF
AGF gets Dino Mikanovic (quarantine) and Daniel A. Pedersen (injury) back to the show
Randers has just won one match this season after 14 players. On the paper, there is a miserable misery
The gameplay of AGF is far better than the results show. They have strong names in all chains
Randers is the worst home team in the Super League. They are still without victory, and have just scored two goals in six matches at home
David Nielsen is usually good at motivating his crew, and do not think he’ll have to turn the skirt sooner or later


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