Ronaldinho pays $ 1.6 million bail to get out of prison

Ronaldinho pays $ 1.6 million bail to get out of prison

Ronaldinho pays $ 1.6 million bail to get out of prison

The month-long ordeal of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother Assis was mitigated yesterday with the duo paying a hefty sum to be able to transfer to house arrest pending the trial on false passports.


The story that involves Ronaldinho and his brother has been very dear to both, considering the proportions that she has gained during the last month. police investigation in the country and consequent preventive detention of Ronaldinho and his brother.

30 days in a poorly-functioning prison, which now includes $ 1.6 million bail so that they can continue to await trial under house arrest, is already a high price to pay for an issue that they probably could and should have avoided.

More than the financial and psychological damage that this can leave to one of the most charismatic and virtuous players in the history of football, we must rely on the reputational damage that this situation is causing, after all Ronaldinho is a beloved player on and off the field .

He used to perform magic on the pitch with the shirt of Barcelona and the Brazilian team, but his joy and good spirits were also contagious outside the field, always showing himself to be a very kind and affectionate person with those close to him and also his own. fans.


Now, Ronaldinho has been transferred to a luxury hotel where he will await trial in a room separate from his brother and with constant police coverage. It will not be the most comfortable way to wait for the trial, not least because he will remain far from his native country – hosted in Paraguay – however, if he paid the $ 800,000 bond for each one, it would certainly be because he would not be very comfortable in prison.

In this way, you can wait for the trial a little more comfortably and with greater privacy, and you can probably get in touch with your family and friends more easily while waiting for the outcome of all this unfortunate situation in which you were included.


Ronaldinho Gaúcho celebrated his 40th birthday during the month of imprisonment in Asunción on what will certainly have been one of the least celebrated birthdays of his life.

Even so, the Brazilian player is known for his friendliness and during his stay in the Paraguayan prison he even participated in some football and futevolei games, having even lined up in a tournament where – together with his brother – he would be defeated by two former policemen convicted of murder and theft.

The news that Ronaldinho had ‘celebrated’ his 40th birthday in a Paraguayan prison sent a lot of ink running all over the world and it certainly will have touched many of his fans, but the truth is that it seems increasingly evident that the player and the your brother would even be entering the country with fake passports.


One of the questions that has been asked about this whole situation is whether the two Brazilians would know that they were ready to enter a country through the use of false passports.

Naturally, it is strange that both of them aligned themselves in this scheme when they moved only to contribute their image to a social support program for children in Paraguay.

Couldn’t they wait while regularizing their passports? Or were they simply betrayed by those who eventually deal with these bureaucratic issues on their behalf? All of these are questions that remain unanswered and which the two former players will have to answer in court soon.

Despite his friendliness and being one of the most awarded players in the history of football, Ronaldinho is not immune to compliance with the laws and will have tried to enter a foreign country without qualifications.

Naturally, the Paraguayan authorities will carry out a detailed investigation as they are in the mouths of the world these days, but everything indicates that, even though he was convicted of trying to enter the country illegally, Ronaldinho should not have a penalty that goes beyond a strong monetary fine. after all, and according to my lay knowledge of the law, forging a passport will not be too serious a crime when compared to so many others.

At the moment, Ronaldinho will wait in a four-and-a-half-star hotel with all sorts of perks, but he is still prevented from leaving the country and will have police surveillance on his new stay.


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