Darcis – Stebe

The last match of the first round of the tournament in Antwerp will be home tennis player S. Darcis and German C. Stebe. Last year’s winner of this tournament was R. Gasquet, who in the final match defeated D. Schwartzman. Gasquet will not play in this tournament this season, and the first player is home tennis player D. Goffin. On the opposite side of the draw is J.W. Tsonga, and from the carrier there are N. Kyrgios and D. Schwartzman.

S. Darcis
Darcis reached the 38th position at the start of the year at the ATP rankings and this was at the same time his best career rating. By this tournament in Antwerp, this rating is a bit worse, and the Belgian is at the current 65th position of the ATP rankings. In the past 14 years of professional career Darcis managed to win two ATP titles in 2007 at Amersfoort in 2008 in Memphis. During the current part of the season, the Belgian achieved a positive victory and loss ratio of 19:17.
He made his first appearance this year at the Australian Open, where he won the third round in which after five sets he lost to A. Seppia. After that, he reached the quarter-finals of the tournament in Sofia, where he won only four games in the match with D. Goffin, and from the quarter-finals he could not even go to Delray Beach, where he handed over the match to D. Youngu without a fight. Another quarter-final Darcis surrendered to Beijing, and the opponent was N. Kyrgios.

C. Stebe
Stebe this season came close to his best rating from 2012 when he was the 71st player in the world. His current position before the tournament in Antwerp is 78. This German tennis player in his previous career failed to win the ATP title, nor was he a participant in any of the ATP finals. He spent most of this season playing on the Challenger or qualifying for one of the ATP tournaments. At ATP Toure himself managed to record only 11 appearances, six of which were victories and five defeats.
Steba had the best performance this season in the tournament in Geneva, where he qualified through the qualifications to a quarterfinals in which he was stopped by A. Kuznetsov. He qualified for the second round of the tournament in Sofia, where he was better than R. Baotista-Agut, and his last appearance at ATP Toure was in the second round of the US Open in which he was defeated by D. Djumhur.

S. Darcis – C. Stebe Tip
This is the first meeting between two tennis players at ATP Toure. Although the difference on the ATP rankings is not large, based on the above results, it is clear that Darcis has a slightly better season, and in addition he performs in front of the domestic audience. Stebe, having performed at Challemger, managed to win several tournaments, but mostly on the ground, and for all that, we give a good advantage in this match to Darcy.

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