Simona Halep
The tricolor player is the leader in the WTA ranking, and will remain in this position after the tournament.
He had a fairly easy match in quarters with Karoline Pliskova, who went into a minimum of sets, yielding only 5 games in total. In that victory, Simona maintained a 76% share on the first service and 42% on the second.
She was seriously threatened by an ankle injury, but she seems to have completely rebuilt, being in an exceptional physical form before this meeting.
Simona has a 2-2 draw in the semi-finals of the big slam tournament and hopes that through a victory in this game he will be able to show off in a grand slam tournament, the first in Melbourne, and also win and the first such trophy.
Constanteanca has the same aggressive style of play we are used to, but now seems to dominate the opponents more clearly, improving visibly and service, and the blows on the bottom line.

Angelique Kerber
She currently occupies the 16th place in the WTA hierarchy, but if she makes a beautiful figure at Melbourne she will definitely be ranked at the end of this tournament much better.
He had an easy task in the quarter-finals, where he passed the American Madison Keys, in a 2-set match that totalized a total of 15 games. Percentage better for Angelique on the first service, where he scored 83%, while the second service managed only 44%.
If we think about the quality of last season’s game, we can say that Kerber is again a feared opponent for all the players in the circuit, and Simona will not have an easy job.
In the previous game, the German player returned excellently, winning 52% of the points on the way back, leaving Madison unreachably in many moments of the game.
She has the same agility as Simona, she likes to dictate the rhythm of the game and likes to control every point, but the Romance has two classes over Keys in all aspects of the game.

Direct meetings
The two players have met up to seven times.
Four of the parties saw Kerber winning, while the player in Constanta had 3 direct duels.
2016 was the year that brought them face in front of most of the time, 5 in number. From these confrontations, Halep came out winning once in Montreal.

My tip for Simona Halep vs Angelique Kerber
Simona Halep plays more aggressively, hits stronger and finds angles very well, which was seen in the match with Pliskova.
Simona needs to be more attentive to the second serve because Kerber is a much more dangerous player and can steal points, just as he did with Keys. On the return, the german is a feared player, but I think Simona will be able to serve quite accurately with the first serve.
Simona seems more motivated, she knows that she misses a grand slam trophy and this hunger for victory makes it even more efficient in the field. Angelique in turn has been showing off moments in the field, and under the giant pressure that will be felt tomorrow, I think he will show these vulnerabilities again.
Simona has another small move in the field, and even if she has some ankle pain, she seems to feel very well physically and will certainly run after all the balls sent by Kerber.
I’m counting on a new presence of Simona in a final act of a Grand Slam tournament, as it is the best player, at least on paper.

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