The first Grand Slam tournament of the year, the Australian Open, will kick off on Monday, January 15th, and Romania will bring many top Top players to the start and hope is growing every year. In the male circuit, the only Romanian participant is Marius Copil. In the first round of the competition, Simona Halep, for the first time as the main favorite to win the trophy, will meet the young Australian player, Destanee Aiava.

Simona Halep
Simona, aged 26, currently occupies the first place in the WTA circuit of the simple test.
With the victories in Abu Dhabi, Shenzen in both the singles and the doubles, Simona looks like he is in great shape at this time, being very well prepared and fitted to get his best result in this competition.
Unlike previous years, Simone’s confidence in his game is at higher odds, the world leader in the WTA rankings giving him a positive relaxation in the game.

Destiny Aiava
Young Australian player, aged 17, now occupies 193th place in the WTA circuit of the simple test.
He is one of the Australian tennis hopes, registering last season’s victories in ITF tournaments in Australia.
In order to take part in the Australian Open qualifier, she was forced to win a qualifying tournament in December, where she won four extremely clear victories.

Direct meetings
The match of the Australian Open tournament will be the first direct encounter between the two players, not having the chance to meet in the circuit.

Simona Halep – Destanee Aiava
As the start of the tournament, the two players will try to find their pace and some mistakes will be seen in both players.
Simona Halep, however, starts up as a great favorite in this match, having an excellent morale before the start of this tournament, due to the performance of the beginning of the year.

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