Swansea City vs Southampton Premier League

Swansea City vs Southampton Premier League Prediction

Game between Swansea City against Southampton finally held in the middle of this week. This game is very decisive fate of both teams at the end of this season.

The game between Swansea City against Southampton is supposed to be held in the 31st weekend but should be postponed because Swansea must play in the FA Cup. Because of this delayed game then this result can affect the position of both teams on the board and even can be very influential on the fate of both teams at the end of the season.

Both teams are currently struggling to not be relegated. Swansea City are currently in the relegation zone or rather at number 18 with a collection of 33 points. While Southampton just stands on it with the acquisition of the same points. That is, if Swansea win will be able to lift them out of the relegation zone and could rise to the rank of 16. While Southampton, if able to win then the percentage to survive in the Premier League will grow.

Although both are in competition in the bottom board, but both teams have different confidence in this fight. The Swans will stare at this game with minimal confidence. In the match last weekend they fell at the hands of Bournemouth. These results further extend the record never win Swansea into 7 games in a row with the details of 4 defeats and 3 draws.

While Southampton, although only able to achieve a draw in the last game against Everton, but in the previous game they successfully defeated Bournemouth and this makes them unbeaten in the last 3 games in the Premier League.

One of Southampton’s obstacles in this fight is their record away badness. Noted, The Saints only able to achieve 1 victory only since October last year (1W, 6D, 9L). This is increasingly heavy because of the performance of Swansea at home pretty good lately. The defeat they suffered from Chelsea on 28 April then became their first goodness in their last six home games. Previously they successfully recorded 4 wins and one draw. (Hyr)

Prediction of the day: ASIAN HANDICAP, SOUTHAMPTON (+1/2)

Prediction Today: SWANSEA CITY

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