Walsall VS Wigan Athletic Soccer Tips

Walsall VS Wigan Athletic Soccer Prediction

Walsall seems to be facing a pretty tough game, which in advanced England League 1 match they play as host Wigan Athletic host. From the statistics head to head only, they have met as many as 7 games and from 7 games Walsall only able to achieve 1 victory, 2 draw and 3 remaining matches won by Wigan Athletic.

However, both teams are equally not having good capital. In the last match they both unbeaten, where Wigan Athletic in shame in front of his own supporters by Southampton with the score 0-2 in advanced FA Cup, while Walsall unbeaten from Shrewsbury Town with the score 1-0. However in the last game Wigan Athletic league remained victorious over host Bradford City 0-1.

Interestingly from the statistical record of goals in the last 10 games Walsall and Wigan Athletic also recorded the same number of goals that is 13 goals. However Walsall more conceded with 16 goals while Wigan Athletic conceded 12 goals. In the standings semetara course Wigan Athletic ranked 3rd in the standings, in contrast to Walsall who ranked 17th in the standings.

If viewed in terms of statistics head to head and the standings so far, certainly a more impartial record to the visitors Wigan Athletic. Although playing as the host of Walsall’s appearance is quite in doubt. Wigan Athletic were unbeaten in the last four league games. In contrast to Walsall in the previous game they are invincible. Possible Wigan Athletic will only win with a thin score.

Prediction Today: Wilsall 0 – 1 Wigan Athletic
ASIAN HANDICAP: Wilsall 0.5 / 1: 0 Wigan Athletic

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