Starting 21:00 will take place match Young Boys Bern – Lugano, in the stage number 2 of Super League, First Division value of the Swiss. Until now, almost all direct parties of the two teams produced an extremely beautiful football show, and this match should not make compromise to this rule.

Young Boys Bern was doing great in the first round of Super League, beating St. Gallen’s 2-0 away, thus respecting and crest. Break competitinala were not made major changes in terms squad from capital of Switzerland and is quite hard to believe that they will be able to claim any title, but certainly Young Boys is a serious candidate for European Cups and, obviously YBB should be less confused as to all the parties that are, at least theoretically, at their fingertips, as this confrontation with Lugano. We can also mention that Young Boys Bern awaits the return with Shakhtar in the Champions League, but it is extremely hard to recover from 0-2 in Swiss tour.

On the other hand, Lugano concluded “knees” previous edition of the championship, managed to save themselves from relegation in-extremis, thanks to four points obtained in the last two games – 0-0 and 3-0 with St. Vaduz Gallen. The team is insolvent and should not emit almost even a claim to a leading position, their aim being to avoid relegation. Regarding direct parties to Young Boys last season, Lugano was defeated twice: 1-3 and 7-0 in the field propiu capital of Switzerland. It is extremely unlikely that the difference net value of the two teams will say the word tonight, the only problem you should put the score proportions that will end this dispute.

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