World Cup Prediction Germany - Sweden

Germany – Sweden World Cup Prediction

After the defeat against Mexico, Germany must increase against Sweden. Otherwise threatens the early 2018 World Cup.

Six days after the bang of Moscow, the German team is back on the grass. In the opening defeat against Mexico the reigning world champion was far from his best form, now with the Swedes a completely different opponent. One who is the DFB-Elf better?

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Even if the Germans disappointed against Mexico (0: 1) as they have not done for years, they play against Sweden as the clear favorite – rightly so: individual class and high tournament experience are not wiped away by a single weak performance. Now the team has to deliver.

The good news: Sweden is not a counter monster like the Mexicans. The Scandinavians will look for other ways into the German penalty area – with which the DFB-Elf will be able to deal with their ball dominant game. The unnecessary ball losses should minimize the team, increase the use against it. After the team-desolate appearance against Mexico that’s the least, if you want to cause a furor in this tournament.

That the German team will put down this increase in performance is to be expected. After more than ten years on the DFB sideline, Jogi Löw is confident that he will find answers and solutions; The players, in turn, understand that there is a World Cup going on. If only one of both entry, the DFB-Elf will win against offensively scant Sweden relatively easily.

Previous results: 0: 1 vs. Mexico

You have to travel far back to remember a tournament appearance of the DFB-Elf, who came along so listless, uninspired and apathetic as the World Cup inauguration in 2018. Against Mexico, which was admittedly tactically and runners outstanding set, the national team almost Missing everything that made her four years ago a world champion: commitment, passion, unity, team-oriented offensive play. Or in short: the crew.

On Sunday evening eleven individual players stood on the lawn, which rarely pulled together. Much more often, the offensive people tangled in dribbling or complicated moves – and ran into the open, Mexican knife. The Central Americans drove lightning-fast counterattack, the DFB-Elf ran mostly only behind and had clear speed deficits. This was not only the physical constitution of some players, but also simply their will to use. Characteristic of this: Toni Kroos, who did not think it necessary to reach his own penalty in a 3-of-2 counterattack in front of Mexico’s winning goal. So he took the decisive step too late.

Offensively, Kross’ impulses were missing. Taken out of the game by the Mexicans, he had to watch as Side Man Sami Khedira played either safety or bad passes, far from any creativity. Müller, Draxler, Özil and Werner fell less by good offensive than by a lack of backward movement before Marco Reus brought in at least two at least a little freshness in the game.

Nevertheless: offensively as well as defensively the achievement of the German Elf, measured by the expectations, was desolate. Still heavier than the tactical deficits weighed lack of operational readiness and willingness to run. The team will have to work on both if the 2018 World Cup in Russia is to be a success.

Possible setup

With the exception of Jerome Boateng and Manuel Neuer, not a single actor recommended sustainably for further start-up appearances. Nevertheless, Jogi Löw will cling to most of Mexico’s main players – not only because he is loyal, but also because there are few real alternatives left on the bench. Marco Reus is likely to get a chance from the start, possibly also Julian Brandt and Ilkay Gündogan. Otherwise, little will happen to staff

New – Kimmich, Boateng, Hummels, Plattenhard – Khedira, Kroos – Reus, Ozil, Mueller – Werner


Results so far: 1: 0 vs. 0. South Korea

Unlike the DFB-Elf celebrated the Tre Kronor a successful World Cup debut – at least on paper. In a tough encounter with South Korea, the Swedes earned by earned, but needed the support of Videoreeferees. He pointed out to his colleagues in the field on a foul that Sweden’s captain Grandqvist converted a penalty into the 1-0 lead.

The bottom line, however, the Swedes were against South Korea hard. Offensively, little was going to succeed, there was no question of a playful river. The biggest chance out of the game ex-HSVler Marcus Berg awarded miserable. Otherwise, there was little going on in the attack, handlebar and thinker Emil Forsberg rarely set accents. But he was – like the rest of the team defensively present.

Coach Janne Andersson has created a concept for the Swedes, who compete for the first time since 2002 without Zlatan Ibrahimovic. All ten men are involved in the defense structure, which is difficult to overcome. This was already felt in the qualifying play-offs by the Italians, who broke their teeth at Sweden’s bulwark.

Possible setup

The Swedes did not convince against South Korea offensively, but they started with a closed, well-rehearsed troupe. The back four is set anyway, in front of the supports Ekdal and Forsberg. If anything, then Marcus Berg’s strike partner Ola Toivonen has to fear for his place in the team. For him, Isaac Thelin could move into the starting formation.

Olsen – Lustig, Jansson, Granqvist, Augustinsson – Claesson, Larsson, Ekdal, Forsberg – Berg, Thelin

Prediction Today: Germany wins to zero
Odds: 2.20

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