Sugita – Istomin – After the Masters in Shanghai, tennis players return to Europe, where they will play several more tournaments by the end of this season. For the next seven days, there are three ATP tournaments of category 250 that are played in Moskwa, Stockholm and Antwerp. The next analysis will be dedicated to the Stockholm tournament, where Y. Sugita and D. Istomin meet in the first round. The title of the winners from last season will be defended by J.M. Del Potro, who was last year’s champion by J. Socka.

Y. Sugita
Sugita became the 36th player of the world just over a month ago, which is also his best career rating. In addition to this rating, the Japanese will remember the season by his first ATP title he won on the ground of the tournament in Antalya, where he was better than A. Mannarina in the final. Until this tournament in Stockholm, Sugita managed to win 20 victories with 12 defeats.
At the start of the year, Sugita performed at the Challenger, and his first notable appearance at ATP Toure was on the tournament in Barcelona, ​​where he qualified through the qualifications to a quarter-final in which he was outplayed by D. Thiem. He reached another quarter-final match at the Masters in Cincinnati, where Mr. Dimitrov was expected to be better than him, and on the recently played Tournament in Chengdu, Sugita was a semi-finalist in which he lost exactly to his current opponent, D. Istomin.

D. Istomin
Istomin only in the last few tournaments offers some better games that brought him to the current 51st ATP rankings, but this is still far from his best rating in 2012 when he was the 33th player in the world. Although it did not foretell the beginning of the season, Istomin managed to reach his second career title and won the tournament in Chengdu, where he played only five games in the final after M. Baghdatis handed over the match.
In addition to this title, Istomin had the best performance at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year, where he eliminated the second player of the world, N. Djokovic, within the second round, and then reached the fourth round in which after a great fight he lost to G Dimitrova. Most of the tournaments during this year ended Istomin in the first two rounds, and the only exception was the category 250 tournaments in Gstaad and Metz, where he managed to reach the quarter-finals.

Y. Sugita – D. Istomin Tip
Both previously played matches between these two tennis players came to Istomina. The first match played back in 2009 at the Chengdu tournament, where in the Davis Cup Istomin they won a victory (6: 3 6: 2 6: 2), and the second match happened this season in the already mentioned tournament in Chengdu (6 : 2 6: 7 6: 0). It’s about two tennis players who are about the same rank and both have real chances of winning. It is clear that in such a ratio, the power of a sword with a large number of gems seems quite promising.

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