Al-Jazira(UAE) VS Persepolis Soccer Prediction

Al-Jazira(UAE) VS Persepolis Soccer Prediction

The first leg of the 16th round of the AFC Champions League, Al-Jazira (UAE) will act as host to host Persepolis. Although Al-Jazira (UAE) suffered defeat in the AFC Champions game yesterday, but they still escape from the group phase with the number-2. But the result is mediocre, they only get 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats in the last 10 games. Persepolis defeated Al-Sadd in the final team match, this got them out of the group phase with number 1. And the condition is good, the winning ratio in the last 10 games reached 50%.

Handicap analysis: [0.90 +0.5 0.98]

Asian handicap given Persepolis -0.5. Seen from this handicap the power of Persepolis is higher. But Al-Jazira’s home cage (UAE) is pretty good in the AFC Champions, and its performance is quite stable both in defense and attack. Since bookmaker increases the odds of Persepolis to 1.0, this is less advantageous to the visitors. So maybe Al-Jazira (UAE) can be invincible.

Asian handicap: Al-Jazira (UAE)

Predicted Today: 1-0 1-1

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