The outline emerges when Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs collide in a hot event.
It is not every day over 5.5 lines stand in 1.68 times the money, a relatively low odds in relation to the goal line. Nor is it every day we are bidding on a blow between Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs. Two of the teams I followed most intensively during the series shooting – talk about getting my currency for my time.
Three wins and three losses have happened to Washington so far, which comes from a lead 8-2-hit (!) Away against Philadelphia Flyer’s last. Käftsmäll deluxe. At the same time as the offensive delivered during the season’s introduction, an all-in-one defensive game has been revealed, eight goals last recorded speak its clear language. The internal scoring team is topped by Sweden’s Nicklas Backström, who is noted for three goals and eight assist in the six opening matches, even Ovechkin has impressed during the season’s opening with his nine full hits. Important to bounce back in after the defeat at the latest.
It blows healthy winds in the Toronto camp – expectations of the team were high for the season and the results have been completely in line with expectations. Lastly, a stable 4-3 victory was taken away against Montreal Canadiens after extension. Four wins of five possible have been collected so far while proving a disgusting strong offensive. The defensive, on the other hand, has not convinced, a fact that has come to pass in the shadow of the offensive brilliant man. Auston Matthews continues to brilliant with five goals and three assist in the five opening matches, 20-year-olds stood for a magical feast season and this season has been launched in a convincing manner. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Toronto will be defintivit to count on this year.
Washington has crossed the 5.5 line in five of the six opening matches, while Toronto has crossed the 5.5-line in five out of five matches so far. Both teams have shown a fantastic offensive that really strengthened their shares during the series run. Home team with a target of 3.67 goals / match, the guests scored a goal of 4.8 (!) Goals / match. The bell numbers that testify to a roughly efficient target production. Do not really see how this meeting will end goalily, especially considering the hockey both teams showed during the season launch. Intensive, fast-paced, chances in lots and, not least, targeting – the conditions could not have been better

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